Hi, I’m Henrique! 👋


Born in Portugal 🇵🇹. I am a Master’s student 🎓 in Computer Science and Engineering at TU/e, in Eindhoven 🇳🇱. At the same time, I’ve been working part-time with Protocol Labs on the decentralization of the web 🌐. I believe in the transparency and openness of the world, in a united Europe 🇪🇺 and that we should all have equal rights 🏳️‍🌈.

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Today I got my booster.

I also had my first graduation project related meeting. It’s quite nice to finally have some direction. Now I have about three weeks to come up with a good research question within the topic and search what’s done.

In the meanwhile, I already surpassed the 100th page of the book I am reading. I did not expect to be this fast, considering that this author is quite particular: he doesn’t adhere to regular punctuation laws! Only commas and periods, capital letter to indicate speech and very few paragraphs.

I will make it a goal for this year to regain the habit of reading frequently, which I mostly lost after high school. And I started today!

jlelse’s Blog 31 Dec 2021 15:51

More than 8 hours until midnight and some people are already lighting firecrackers. And this although there is an extra ban on the sale of firecrackers and fireworks because of Corona. 🤦‍♂️

That’s been the entire month of December in the Netherlands. Is it also that bad in that side of the border? Here’s an interesting video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rGJseovT8ug

That was something that surprised me a lot when I moved 😂

abesbílico - an informal Portuguese word meaning “astonished”. It’s uncommon to hear it but I love it.

Recently in December '21

Once again, a year is ending. It feels like it was yesterday that I was first discovering the IndieWeb and adding new features to my website, but that was 2 years ago now. Time has been passing quite fast since the pandemic started.

December was packed. I had many different presentations, deliverie…


Quando é que a CML faz algo em relação aos milhares de prédios abandonados em Lisboa (8% em 2013)? Tantos edifícios que dariam habitação a milhares de pessoas. Noutros países europeus coisas destas não se veriam tão frequentemente.

Merry Christmas (Eve) to everyone! I hope you enjoy the time with family or special others 🎄🎅

I’m so much going to lose all my sleep weekly streaks on Swarm when I go to Portugal 🤣

You know one good thing Covid brought? I don’t need to give two kisses (one in each cheek) every time I meet a Portuguese woman or a family member! When I was a kid and wouldn’t do it, my mom would immediately say “go give two little kisses, otherwise it looks bad”.

For whoever tried to login into my website and got an error or blank page: I will try to fix it tomorrow 😅

I went to the cinema today in over a year and it was a bit scary: no one was wearing masks inside 🤭 On the other hand, I can say that Lab 1 is a nice cinema.