Hi! 👋 I’m Henrique and I’m a 20 years-old Computer Engineering student and technology enthusiast in Lisbon. I’m also working on decentralizing the web with IPFS. In this homepage, you can find some of my posts. For all posts, you can check my all page.

Jan-Lukas Else 08 Apr 2020 13:27

I think I have never written so many emails during my entire studies as in the last few weeks. But hey, I like to write emails and I’m really glad that my studies are continuing despite Corona (and therefore without any attendance events). Especially the flexibility that I can schedule most things …

Interesting… we’re having most classes via Zoom. Some via Discord and some are just pre-recorded videos to check out.

Shower thought: do you think the boxes with context about replies, likes and reposts are needed? I’m trying to reduce the complexity and cut edges that I don’t think are needed. I could just re-style it in a way to show that it is a like or repost with a link without the “entire” information - which, most of the times, is not the entire stuff because I set a maximum length.

If you’re reading this, what’s your opinion? Is it really required? Do you find it useful? Or just pretty?

Spacedodo42 08 Apr 2020 11:58

You definitely know how to shade well, so if you want to move forwards, a tip I have is to try to use more irregular shapes! Maybe a part of the house is chipped a little, or a brick is a little broken? Either way, nice work!

@neptzoo thank you so much! I will work on improving and getting to more irregular figures. I really want to do so but not much confident. Need to try it out.

The IndieWeb own-your-data-thing can be complicated sometimes. Since there are no full fledged systems that allow us to interact with other social media without having to implement it ourselves, sometimes we get to the point where we feel kind of limited. I’m trying not to use other services or, if I do, I’m just POSSE’ing to them. Sometimes it’s hard because there are communities that are more connected on some social media (e.g., Twitter) and the bridge is not always perfect.

Edit: I just hope someday we can have a federated social network that can easily interact with all others…

In August, I’m supposed to start a new adventure: I’ve been applying for a few Universities to do my Masters degree in Computer Science somewhere else other than in Portugal. I’ve received some rejections and some acceptances and I’m tempted to choose studying the next two years at TU Eindhoven. However, Covid-19 has just put me in a position where I’d never thought to be.

First of all, I’m feeling that I’ll never return to Lisbon which, I know, is childish. But that’s a feeling I’ve had since the moment I left the apartment where I’m living in Lisbon. Secondly, we don’t know what’s going to happen: is the exam season going to be delayed? Are we having more exams to compensate the professors that didn’t find an alternative evaluation method? I’m pretty sure I’m not going to have any more physical classes until the end of the semester so that’s not what worries me most.

Other than that, looking at Netherland’s strategy to find this new virus, I don’t agree with it (group immunity… hundreds of people are dying there and there are barely anyone recovered) which may be showcasing how bad their healthcare system is? I don’t know because, obviously, I’m not there.

I don’t know… I just feel I should not go. Let’s wait and see what happens and if my mind changes or settles in some solid idea.

Usually, I would not post lyrics of musics but… today I’m feeling like I should do it. It’s not even from my favorite artists, but here it goes:

“Would you be taking me higher? Would we be living as liars? I wanna know, I wanna know” - Flux, Ellie Goulding

Do you have any backup system in place? If so, how is it?

I have my computer with all my data backed up to a physical location near me and to a “cloud” location. The problem is: I’m in my hometown now and I don’t know for how long I’ll be here and making the backup of thousands of MBs of photos every week is a big no with my internet connection.

Also, my computer is getting tight in space.

For many years I’ve thought about buying/building a NAS with some simple RAID (or no RAID depending on what I want) and backing up the NAS to another place. The NAS would be the primary location of some of the files I don’t use as much (photos from <2019) and the backup destination of my computer. Then, the NAS itself would be backed up. Does this sound a great plan?

However, I’ve had a lot of bad experiences of external hard drives, but I guess it was just bad luck.

Jan-Lukas Else 25 Mar 2020 13:45

I just had to share a picture of my workplace in the company internal wiki. That’s why I share the same picture again on my blog, so everyone can see how my desk looks like. My dream workplace would look like the one from David Heinemeir Hansson, but unfortunately the reality only looks like …

So… I’m in my hometown now and not in Lisbon. While I’m here, I don’t usually work on my bedroom where I have my own desk but on the living room desk so this is definately going to be interesting:

My Desk

Today I decided to finally remove my old photos page so I’m publishing a few here. The theme is Lisbon. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, I’m not in Lisbon right now, but these are some of my favorite pictures I’ve taken in Lisbon.

In addition, these are not the pictures you’d normally see of Lisbon.

Some Doors Downtown
Ponte 25 de Abril

This fountain is much prettier at night with all of its lights turned on.

Fonte Luminosa
Entrecampos Poente

Jan-Lukas Else 23 Mar 2020 13:46

I like to look at nice photos. And if the photographer publishes them on his own site (in IndieWeb style), I like it even more. I am looking forward to see more photos in your series “#LifeThroughLenses", Henrique! 😍👍

Thank you very much! I’m glad you liked them. I prefer to do this type of posts instead of having a photos page like the one I had before. I felt that I needed to follow some style and that I had a limit of pictures. This way I can publish as many as I want, which is nice. However, I’ll always try not to put more than 4/5 on one post.

I decided to create a new series of post called #LifeThroughLenses in which I am going to post picture every day - or at least in the days I’m feeling like doing so. This is my way to replace Instagram and other photo-sharing services.

I’ve recently created a photos page, but I don’t like the way it is structured, nor do I feel it would be a great fit if I added many many many photos as I intend to. Soon, I’ll remove that page and post the pictures here.

The posts on this series may or may not be accompanied by text.

So… today Portugal kind of declared “emergency state” which was never used in our democracy previously. Unfortunately, it wasn’t really clear of what we should do. Most of the people I know are keeping themselves on their homes, but there’s still nothing enforcing to people to stay in their homes. Honestly, I think it would be the best to keep this. I’m definitely a bit scared of what’s happening. If we look at China’s numbers, they don’t look that bad. However, if we look at Italy’s numbers, we see almost the same figures of deaths and recoveries.

In the meanwhile, I decided to edit a photo I took about a month ago of the 25th April Bridge!

About COVID-19: WHO just declared that this novel coronavirus is a pandemic. Okay. Portugal is closing universities and schools. Makes sense to prevent further propagation of the virus so it doesn’t scale as much. But what do you see? You see dozens, hundreds or even thousands of students thinking this is vacation and going to the beach - it was 26ºC in Lisbon today - or going to the mall just because.

Yes, it is inevitable that some of us will be infected. Yes, we should worry. But we must not panic, nor act like anything is happening. If we’re closing schools and universities, it’s because we need to keep some social distance and avoid as much contact as we usually have. I’m not saying not to see anyone. I’m just saying we should restrain ourselves as much as we can and avoid going to crowded places!

I just found an article called “Young and unafraid of the coronavirus pandemic? Good for you. Now stop killing people”. Read it! It was written by a doctor and I agree. We should not panic, we should not rush into supermarkets - as it is, unfortunately, happening - but we should try to keep as much distance as possible.

I’m personally scared. I had a pneumonia when I was a child and I needed physical therapy for a few months to start breathing normally again. If your company was closed, your school/uni was closed, stay at home. Avoid parties and crowds… isn’t that obvious? If it wasn’t for that, why would anyone close establishments?

Stay safe!

Edit: #StayTheFuckHome