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The Society and the Objects

society reflection

Presently, the people love the objects. Sometimes, more than they love the people. Is this good? Or not?

Nowadays, the people buy objects and in the majority of times, they don’t use it. The people just buy objects just to have and not to use.

Another great problem are gifts. If I receive a gift and I don’t like it, should I stay with it or not? In my opinion, I think that offer or donate it is the correct option.

I will give you an example:

Someone (we will call it the person N) offers you a gift. It is wrapped. When you open it, you see a book. You look at the cover. You read the description and the introduction.

But… there’s a big problem. You don’t like the book. You don’t like the cape, nor the description nor the introduction. What will you do?

Right now, there are two ways that you can follow:

  • Read the book and discover if you really like it or not. You are sure that you don’t like the book.

If you choose the first option, good for you. Now you will read the book. After read the book, you can say if you enjoyed it or not. If you like it, you can stay with the book without problems.

But after you read it, you know that you don’t like the book. Now we find ourselves with the second option.

So, you don’t like the book. What will you do with it? There’s now various ways that you can follow:

  • Stay with it in the shelf forever and you will never touch in it.
  • Offer the book to other person.
  • Donate the book to an institution like a library.

The majority of the population will stay with the first option: put the book in your shelf and will never remember it.

A Lost Book
A Lost Book

The other small part of the population will follow one of the two last options: offer or donate the book.

Now there’s a problem. Why don’t people offer/donate it if don’t like it? They’re prejudiced, biased.

Yes, it’s a gift offered by another person. But, what’s the problem? Should I stay with it without using it? Should I waste resources? Today there are trees. But tomorrow, will they be there?

The best option to follow is offer/donate the book to an institution like a library. They will thank you.

If you are uncertain, ask to the person that gave you the gift. Talk with him/her and try, together, to find the best way to solve the problem.

Finally: don’t waste resources. We are building the future. Love the people more than the objects.