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Portugal Is a Beautiful Country


Searching, exploring, walking, running, seeing, knowing, watching, meeting, taking photos, etc. All are verbs related with travelling which is one of the most amazing and important things in life.

In the last summer, I’ve been visiting various places in my country, Portugal. One of them was Évora that is a city in Alentejo. This is an historical city and it’s also beautiful.

After seeing this amazing city, I have searched about this city and I discover that Évora has some places that are considered World Heritage since 1986.

The portugueses thinks that his own country - Portugal - is horrible and that have too many defects. Yes, it is true, but the portugueses only saw the “dark side” and not the “light side”.

Portugal have various problems related with the work world, economy… but the rest of the world also has this problems.

Monastery of Alcobaça
Monastery of Alcobaça

We should look at the “light side”. Why many tourists visits Portugal? They have some reasons and one of them is that Portugal is splendid.

The last picture show you the Monastery of Alcobaça that is one of the most beautiful places to see and vistit and rich in history.

Portugal is a rich country in culture, history, monuments… So, if you are not from Portugal and have never visited it, I recommend you to travel to this country.