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3 Things I Would Like To Be


If you’ve been following me through the past time,  you probably know I want to go further in technology field (if you didn’t know, read my about page). But it is not the unique thing I would like to be because there are 3 things I would like to be.

When we choose to be something or to follow some field of study, we should think a lot about it to find out if we are sure we want to follow it.

I don’t really know how I’ve chosen to follow the technology field. I know it’s not late to change, but I really like that.  But where’s the fun of being just ONE thing?

There are two more things that fascinates me and I want to share it with you. So, the 3 things I would like to be are:

  • Software Engineer;
  • Writer;
  • Photographer.

Yes, I know that those three things does not have a lot in common. But I like them. So now I’m going to answer the three big questions: why do you want to be “something”?

Why do you want to be Software Engineer?

I like technology since I was a little child. It always fascinated me. Technology is a way to create things, to do things, to help people in a big number of ways.

With technology we can do a lot of things we couldn’t ever imagine it was possible: help the older woman crossing the zebra crossing with more security; helping that little kids of Africa giving them food faster; a lot of etc.

I would like to be Software Engineer to, mainly, help people finding technological solutions to its problems.

Why do you want to be Writer?

Being writer is an amazing thing, it isn’t? It appears to be. A writer could create his own stories, make his own worlds, build his own characters, shape his own society, develop his own system and… an infinity of possibilities.

That infinity of possibilities is what attracts me more. The ability to create, to shape, to develop, to make. Of course there is nothing in the way that stops me to write stories… so it’s a possibility.

Why do you want to be Photographer?

Photographs are simply amazing things. They record a moment of our lives (or not): something which happens in a determined space-time. They simply record it.

And when we take a good photograph is like taking that moment to the eternity. It will always be saved.

So, as writing, there is nothing in the way that stops me, so I will continue taking photos and improving my capacity of doing that.

I hope you enjoyed this post about 3 things I would like to be. If you liked it, you may share it :)