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Imperfections Make Us Perfect

creative reflection

Sometimes, I look through a window. My bedroom window. It faces the road. I see cars. There are thousand of them. All different: in shape, in colour, in size. But that’s only the outside. Their inside is all made of the same essence.


We are all different. That can lead us to a very big problem: racism. “He has a different colour, let’s take him down!” - no! That shouldn’t happen, neither here, nor there. We, just like cars, are all made of the same things: blood, bones, cells. We are all very similar, very equal, we are all human beings. So, say no to racism! Racism is a problem.

A problem… an imperfection. All of us have Imperfections, like cars. They’re machines which can get problems over the time. Fortunately, we are not machines, but we also have our Imperfections. Everything in the world has imperfections.


The problem is: some people haven’t realized that everyone has imperfections and that everyone has different ways to do same things. Those people have to accept the human nature. If so, they will be able to see their own defects, they will know their own problems, they will know themselves better. They will be better people. The only way to become a better person is accepting that nobody is perfect.

It’s interesting how cars led me to racism and then to our imperfections. But this is what we are: non-linear beings. I don’t know if all of this makes any sense to you, but I hope you understand.