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Stop Complaining. Do!

creative reflection

Everyday I hear people complaining here and there. They complain about almost everything: from the pencil which isn’t on its place to the government’s rules. I think is doesn’t occurs only here, of course. Maybe it’s a problem of adults (some of them, no offense). I see them complaining every single second. If you’re not this type of person, I believe you should have seen some of them.

Complaining does:

  • Decrease increase your stress;
  • Make you feel good bad;
  • Among many other things I’m not going to mention.

Complaining doesn’t do: changes. The changes are in the centre, they’re fundamental to solve a problem. Something has to change to get rid of a problem.

I can’t imagine a complainant’s life: boring, always upset, dull (and all of the adjectives related to “boring”). I don’t want that life, I don’t want a life of problems, complaints, problems, complaints and no changes!

So, what should we do? DO! Doing something can lead to results, to improvements, complaints doesn’t. There are a lot of ways to act: simply spreading the word, thinking in ideas to solve the problems, put them into practice, etc. If you can make changes, you’ll feel better.

And now, it’s my turn to admit: yes, I’m complaining but I’m also doing, spreading the word. Even the smallest change can lead to great results.