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The First Day at Your Brand New Job

You got a job! And today’s the first day, what are you going to do? Let’s make a party and make everyone dance! What? No… wait! You’re nervous, you don’t have to be. Let’s talk.

You born, then you do the elementary, middle and high school. After finishing it, you go to university, do the course, go to the lectures, do the examinations and so on. Then you finish the course and you need to improve your CV. You improve it the maximum and start sending it to companies - if they didn’t contact you first.

Now, with your refined CV and job proposals, you go to interviews to see what happens. You will go to some interviews until you get the job - or just one if you’re good, we know you are. You got the job and the day - that day - finally comes: the first day at your brand new, and even the first, job. What are you going to do at a new place? It’s all about time, and time is precious.

Preciooous time
Preciooous time

How should your first day be? It must be something amazing, memorable, but, at the same time, frightful. You don’t have to fear, neither be the superman (or superwoman). We have 5 points to make sure you’ve a great day.

Talk to people, make connections - we are all humans so we are made of relationships and social connections. If we lived alone in the world, we would not be anyone, because there would be no one to recognize us. We are social beings, we need each other. So, in your first day - and through all of the journey at your job - you have to meet people. Say “hi” to everyone and see what happens. Just don’t be shy.

Smile, be happy - no one likes to work with a dumpish person! Smile to everyone, be fun, but not too much and choose the right circumstances to make a joke. Being friendly and energetic is essential. You don’t have to try to hard, but you mustn’t be too lazy.

Just smile
Just smile

Know the space and how it works - knowing the place where you’re going to work in the next months, years maybe, is fundamental. Know with who you’re going to work. And most of all, observe and hear. Observe the “how to” in the company. How does the things work? How are the decisions made?

Show interest - hey, you should be working in a company you’ve interest in, so show it! If you’ve questions, ask them. Ask “what”, “why”, “who”, “when”. Be open minded and embrace the culture of the company, of the people, of the place.

Be yourself - the other tips will not work if you miss this one. You must be yourself. It’s the most important thing everywhere. You are what you are. You will not pretend to be someone else to make the others like you. Just be yourself, with your way to do things, with your culture, with your visions, with yourself.

Are you prepared to the first day at your new job? Let’s do this, dress up - don’t be too formal, neither too casual, you’re not going to a judgement, right? -, leave home, put your ass in the seat of a car/bus/metro/train/bike and see how it works, talk, ask, walk, know, meet. But… oh… you don’t have a job yet, but you will get one.