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Uncertain State


Death. It’s the most heard word in the last days. Crime. And they say it was orders from their God. Who’s the God? Just someone telling them to kill, to suffocate the people until they die. Why are You doing this? Why is this God telling them to kill this people? Innocents. They didn’t do anything. They were people. Just like you, just like me. They were in the wrong place. At the wrong time. Why there? Why them? Was it the fate? Why? Just asking, I don’t know the answers. Should we know them? No one knows. We’re living and dying at the same time. They know they would die. But not this way, not this moment. They were screaming inside. Inside their minds. I wish it hadn’t happened. I’m crying. Why? Why if it has nothing to do with me. They’re people. It could be with me, it could be with you, it could be with the people you love. The world is unfair. Were just like atoms, living in an uncertain state.