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New Year's Resolutions '16

reflection goals

One year more has passed. It seems like yesterday I was turning thirteen. Nostalgia. 2015 has been very turbulent and troubled year, but still amazing and meaningful. It has been very antithetical in so many ways I can’t tell you. But being that way helped me to grow more than in the years before - growing is a continuous process we should never fear.

“Was it worth doing? Everythingโ€™s worth doing / If the soul of the doer isnโ€™t small.” - Fernando Pessoa

After making a review of what happened this year, I have chosen some objectives to reach in 2016, some New Year’s resolutions. I think some of them are… I don’t know… a bit ambitious, but only the time can tell if I can achieve them. See it for yourself.

  1. Start meditating
  2. Write more
  3. Exercise more
  4. Spend less, save more
  5. Learn a new language
  6. Dedicate more to music

As you can see, I’ve only six New Year’s resolutions. I don’t need a lot of them, I do need good and challenging ones. I’m optimistic about the coming year. To finish this, I just wish you a happy new year!

P.S.: I have to thank my friend Malik because he’s the reason why I’m writing about this. I would have never thought about doing such a thing if he didn’t asked me about my New Year’s resolutions.