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Mirroring XKCD Comics to IPFS

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As many of you probably know, xkcd is a web comic created in 2005 by Randall Munroe. Its tagline is “A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language”. You can read more about the web comic itself on their website.

As part of wanting to contribute to IPFS Archives, I decided to look at the issues and find the most interesting one for me, and I did: xkcd! There were some clones already built, but all of them were out of date and weren’t automatically updated.

So I started by building a small tool that would fetch all the comics and their info. I called it… as you might image… xkcd-clone. It doesn’t actually clone the whole website, but only the comics and their metadata.

Comic 2165

The tool can either download everything from scratch or just update an old version of a clone. You can use it like this:

npx xkcd-clone -d <directory> [--empty]

By running it, you’ll get a directory with the following structure:

 | 0001
   | barrel_cropped_(1).jpg
   | image.jpg
   | index.html
   | info.json
 | ...
 | 2171
 | index.html
 | tachyons.css
 | tachyons-columns.css

Where barrel_cropped_(1).jpg is exactly the same image as image.jpg but preserving the original filename. Since we’ll store it in IPFS right away, it won’t take more space for it because they point to the same place.

Then, I set up a “placebo” repository on GitHub that runs on Circle CI everyday. It’s hacdias/ and basically this is the procedure that updated the clone everyday:

  1. Gets the cached output from the last run (to save resources).
  2. Fetch the latest xkcd comics using xkcd-clone.
  3. Pins it to IPFS Cluster.
  4. Updates the DNSLink of to the latest hash.

Now, the clone is published at /ipns/ You can check out the latest hash by running the following command on your terminal:

$ ipfs name resolve /ipns/

You can even pin it directly by running:

$ ipfs pin add /ipns/

There are still, of course, some points that won’t be achieved soon such as “what should we do with dynamic comics?”. Perhaps we could make a costum procedure for each one, perhaps not.

If you’re interested in contributing, you’re more than welcome to look out at the code and improve it even more! PRs welcome as usual!