A Quick Dive Into the DWeb With IPFS

A few days ago, on the 30th of November, I gave my first talk at BarcampLX, which is a really nice and open event you can go to and present! If you’re interested, you can read more about the concept. Here’s the slides deck and the video.

I gave my first talk ever on BarcampLX #4 and I gave an introduction to the dWeb world using IPFS as a gateway.

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Henrique Dias Henrique Dias said: Over the past few days, I procrastinated quite a bit instead of working on my thesis. I have this huge peaks of performance mixed with high procrastination. I guess this happens somewhat to most people. Either way, while procrastinating I added quite some new features to this website, and improved s… β€” 14 Jun 2022 23:19