After wondering whether or not I should keep the check-ins and watches on my website, I decided not to. I know… I change my mind quite a lot. But here are some reasons why:

  • I don’t believe I need one post for each checkin and for each watch since I don’t actually add content to it besides the fact that I’ve been there or watched something.
  • Check-ins? Privacy! Which is important. I like to collect data about myself, but not to make everything public.
  • I had more than 6000 pages on this website (?).

However, I plan on recreating a watches page similar to my bookshelf where I “showcase” the movies and the series I’ve watched. I’m creating a bunch of scripts to collect my Trakt history. I plan on doing something similar for the check-ins, but as a map.

Along the same lines, I’m planning on removing the read logs but keeping the bookshelf. I’m just not removing them now because the bookshelf is working and I prefer to deal with that afterwards.