Taking notes is a process… that’s true. Yesterday I found a post on HackerNews talking about how tired people are of new notes apps. I agree: there’s so many different note-taking apps that it becomes unbearable to find whatever fits you. I have a giang repository of markdown files with images and a lot of notes, all interconnected. And I still couldn’t find a good app for me. That’s why I’m considering building one simple system for myself, initially private to avoid possible noise, and then open source. My requirements for a system are these:


  • Self hosted and open source
  • Notes stored in plain text files
  • Backlinking feature
  • Supports LaTeX math
  • Supports Mermaid diagrams
  • Clean layout and possible to easily edit on mobile
  • Web editor (maybe WYSIWYG)
  • Simple and humanly readble markup language (markdown or other)
  • Search

Good to have:

  • Full-text search
  • Mind map visualization
  • Public/private stuff

Do you know any application that accomplishes all of this cumulatively? I liked this visually and there’s also this being built but I have no clue about when’s it going to be available or how the storage will work.

If I would create this, it would be just yet another note-taking app, but with a small difference in mind: this would be directed to be self-hosted for just one person. No services, for myself, as I wanted it to work.

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Henrique Dias Henrique Dias said: So… replying to myself. Probably what I’m going to do is quite similar to what I had before: statically generate the notes from source markdown (or something else). I first need to decide the best language. Markdown is simples, yes, but sometimes I feel I need to add HTML to make it look exactly how… β€” 21 Jul 2020 07:34
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