Jan Boddez14 Oct 2020

In reply to https://hacdias.com/micro/2020/10/trying-activitypub/. I remember looking at https://github.com/aaronpk/Nautilus/blob/master/app/ActivityPub/HTTPSignature.php a whole lot to finally get signatures—and Accepts—to work. (Could never get Deletes to actually work, though.) 😟

The thing is: I’ve done this in the past. I just tried with a random Mastodon instance and the error is precisely the HTTP signature. Either I’m not signing correctly, or I’m not proving the public key correctly. But the fact that I did this in the past and it’s still not working, it’s what’s annoying me the most. Also, I’m doing this in Go and I’m basing on @jlelse’s implementation and his ActivityPub Accept is working. And my code literally looks the same. If I don’t figure it out in the next hour, I’ll leave it for another day.

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