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Recently in March '21


March has been an extremely busy month for me where a lot happened and, at the same time, nothing happened. I can’t even believe that April is just starting!

Two months ago - what feels like yesterday - I was starting a new quartile with 3 new courses and I already knew I had to repeat an exam from last quartile. I was already stressing, and worried. Now we’re just a few days until the exams.

Next week, I will have 4 three hour exams. I have never, in my entire academic life, had three hour exams. Those 4 exams will all be comprised within a week, with no resting day in between: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. It’s definitely going to be a tough week!

I’ve been preparing for weeks already. I feel I can probably pass all of them, some with good grades, but I’m still not confident enough. There’s still a few days, and that can change. Besides, two of the exams are open book so, hopefully, they will be reasonable.

All of the exams are going to be on campus. They’re going to be my first exams on campus in over a year, and my first exams on campus at TU/e so I have no clue what to expect. I just know that the cases are increasing, there’s more cases than in January and we still have to do exams om campus.

I wouldn’t mind if we also had classes on campus. But I do mind because they’ll put 50 people inside each room - which I think are quite large - with no mask when seated. But who am I to decide the seated people infect or not others?

It’s been slightly over a year that all of this pandemic situation started and we’re now running our race in our second year of pandemic. It’s getting boring, my friends and I feel like our mental health has never been as bad as right now. Living in a different country, different university, different life. Yet, everything is the same: locked up in our houses.

Other than that, spring 🌷 started! And the Netherlands is getting filled with color. At least Eindhoven. I’ve been enjoying the cherry blossom trees.

Stay safe! But enjoy your life!