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Recently in August '21


August was a busy month. I fly back to the Netherlands quite in the beginning of the month so I could get my second Covid-19 vaccine, which caused a mild fever overnight but was pretty fine overall.

Then, I managed to get some more things for the house as I was in need of some kitchen tools. I also tried, for the first time, to use Hello Fresh. Basically, you select how many meals you want and for how many people, and they deliver you the right ingredients in the right amounts right to your door. It’s quite fantastic. You can even choose your meals!

In the middle of the month, I was able to visit a friend in Gent, which is located in the north of Belgium, Flanders. It was quite a nice trip, even though the train trip of 2h40m could be shortened with smaller interchange rates.

Later in the month, a friend came from Portugal to visit. We managed to visit Eindhoven - where I live -, Rotterdam, Amsterdam and a bit of Utrecht. It was really nice to visit these cities now that the Covid-19 measures are toned down again.

I’m now getting ready to be a mentor of international students, having workshops in cultural awareness and mentoring. Classes start next week!