I just wanted to redirect everything from /all* to /stream* - finally decided to do so -, but somehow I managed not to figure out how to do that with Caddy webserver. I ended up manually redirecting the 3 main URLs:

redir /all /stream permanent
redir /all/feed.xml /stream/feed.xml permanent
redir /all/feed.json /stream/feed.json permanent

I tried many redir combinations and none worked. I can make the wildcard matching work with /all* but then… what do I redirect it to? I tried different thing and none worked. If you use Caddy, and have some minutes to spare, how would you configure this redirection?

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jlelse’s Blog jlelse’s Blog said: I can’t help with the configuration (haven’t used redir in Caddy v2 much – you might want to try the regex matcher), but the Caddy Community is probably the right place to ask.24 Sep 2021 08:40