30 September 2021

Recently in September '21

September has been quite a busy month, a rollercoaster for sure, but a good one. It all started in the first week with the new students coming to campus for their introduction activities. I don’t think I’ve seen the campus so vibrant until that day.

The week after, classes started. I had my first class on campus ever at TU/e and its been quite nice. It’s just one class, but it’s better than nothing. Even though most Covid restrictions are technically lifted - except masks on public transit -, we’re still not 100% back on campus, unfortunately.

I also started mentoring new master’s students on that same first week. It’s been quite a nice experience to meet new people that have never studied here and come from all different backgrounds and places. I might write about it more extensively in the future.

During the second week, there was the Open Cultural Week on campus, where all cultural associations have open activities for non-members. Even though I’m a member of Dekate Mousa - the photography & film association - I went to the activities and it was quite nice. I really enjoyed the opportunity to take fire breathing and steelwool pictures.

Fire Breathing 101
Fire Breathing 101

Last weekend I had a dinner with 9 international friends, where each one of us cooks and brings something. It was delightful and there was way too much food. We couldn’t finish it! Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to look at the pictures yet, so I can’t share any right now!

It feels so nice that we’re slowly getting back to normal. There’s so many people at university, every day, no masks, no social distancing. Sometimes it can be quite scary, but this is what has always happened during our lives. I still remember it took weeks after they lifted the masks indoors - in June - for me to go to the supermarket maskless.

On this website, there were some minor updates, such as removing the newsletter signing up form - I haven’t used it in many months -, did a few design tweaks, and, added an easter egg to the website. It’s up to you to find it!

I hope you had a great September and let’s get ready for October!

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