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My home and code server now has 2 TB of SSD storage and 16 GB of RAM. While I’ll be using the storage for backups, etc., I’m not quite sure what I can use the 16 GB of RAM for yet. What else can I run besides Home Assistant, AdGuard Home, Drone and Tailscale? I still have my VPS running my websites,…

Weirdly enough, the name Tailscale caught my eye and I decided to investigate what it is. I checked their website and it seems that they use Wireguard to do the kind of configuration I explained some time ago. I’m curious: besides the easyness of use, what other advantages do you see on using Tailscale over a manually configured Wireguard network?

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jlelse’s Blog jlelse’s Blog said: Tailscale tries to punch the NAT and establish a direct peer-to-peer connection. That’s the magic compared to your Wireguard-VPS-VPN. And it’s a lot easier to just login and directly connect to each device in your Tail-net than creating key pairs etc. Another nice thing is also the option to use Tai…20 Oct 2021 20:05