In my last post, I mentioned that I was “investigating the possibility to use Tailscale to simply block the access from the “outside world” and make it more secure”. Well, it is now implemented and it works. Basically, my blog system can listen on two different ports: the regular one where you’re navigating, and the one inside a Tailscale network.

If I specify exclusiveDashboard: true on my Tailscale section of the configuration, the dashboard will only be added to the Tailscale router. This way, the dashboard won’t be available at, but only inside the Tailscale network. I’ve tried it and it works. However, it is not how it is not enabled on the live version yet!

I also mentioned that I was trying to “inject” and admin bar while logged in. I can say that it is working via some response writer wrapping magic. I have a few more plans to make Eagle more self-contained, but we’re not there yet!

Have a fantastic day!

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