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In Portugal it’s just a switch in the tax office website. Really?!? 😲 I can’t believe that!

Yup. I’ve been a “eenmanszaak” here for a year and: (1) had to fill a gigantic form on the KvK (Chamber of Commerce) website, (2) go there and sign a form and pay 50 euros for them to pay a paper; (3) pay for a specialised software every month for bookkeeping. Legally, there’s no requirement for my bank account to be separate because as a sole proprietorship, my assets and the company’s are the same.

Now, my Dutch bank made me an ultimatum out of nowhere saying I cannot use my bank account to receive money from businesses and that I need to open a business account and I have 2 weeks to switch. Guess what? Opening a business bank account with them takes up to 2 weeks! Besides that, the taxes website is a different one so I have to fill my own income taxes as a person and then my income taxes as an “eenmanszaak” separately even though there’s no distinction of assets.

In Portugal: go to the tax office website, probably fill something and say submit. Now you can even issue invoices through the tax office website. No need to pay for some random software. And I can keep using my bank account. And the taxes? They’re the same form! I’ve never got asked by the bank why I was receiving payments from the US. Here I already had to explain everything: relations with the other parties, show the bank proof that the entity is legitimate, etc…


Edit: the Dutch KvK also publishes your address, phone number and e-mail address online even though you tell them explicitly not to. Thanks to that, I’m always receiving SPAM phone calls from g/w/e companies and even letters! You can find all my details in a few clicks away! For free. LEGALLY.

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Jan Boddez Jan Boddez said: Phew, I’ve been getting away with using a separate yet non-“business” account for my “eenmanszaak” purposes. Here in Belgium, too, small-business income is reported “separately” (but not really), which is kind of good (e.g., I’m allowed to deduct lump-sum “expenses” twice, once as an employee, once…22 Nov 2021 10:53