I just secretly added a new section called itineraries with… well… itineraries! Some are private, as they are in the future. I quite like this functionality: I had to take some time to find some trains I took over the past two years. Fortunately, they were not that many and they were all in my e-mail. Older data I don’t have. I did not add any of the train trips I’ve done in the Netherlands, but maybe later of if I figure out NS API.

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einGeek einGeek said: Ich bin ein sehr neugieriger Mensch und stöbere gerne herum, auf der Suche nach neuen Sachen, die ich noch nicht kenne. Momentan faszinieren mich etwa Landkarten, was dazu geführt hat, dass ich in meine Blogsoftware etwa die Funktion zur Darstellung von GPX-Dateien gebaut habe. Inspiration von ander…22 Nov 2021 21:11
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