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Recently in November '21


November was so busy that I did not even manage to write this in time! The month started with GLOW, the Eindhoven Light Festival. Unfortunately, due to the announced measures during the last day of the festival, the lights were shut down a day before. Due to that, I was not able to see more than half of it.

I also had an exam on that week whose grade I received a few days ago. Even though I was quite worried, it was much better than I expected!

Later in the month, I had a visit from a friend of Portugal. We visited a few cities: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Den Haag, Utrecht and well… Eindhoven. Initially we also planned on going to Maastricht the last day, but it seems Limburg has the most concentration of Covid in the entire Europe! Instead, we went for a bike ride.

We started in Eindhoven, biked to Geldrop, then to Nuenen, then back to Eindhoven. On the way back, it started raining a lot so my friend got the most Dutch experience possible.

I was planning on visiting a German Christmas Market this month, but I’m not sure if they’re still happening. It seems the Aachen market may be an option? It’s also the closest to me.

There’s a lot of complicated things happening to, but this is not the place to talk about them!

Have a fantastic December! πŸŽ„