I’ve been thinking about replacing Miniflux with Aperture + Monocle. I like the idea of using a Microsub client so that I can quickly reply, like or react to any post. The problem is that, unfortunately, aperture insists on not fetching posts for two of the websites I follow… I either write my own Microsub server, or go back to just Miniflux.

Has anyone else encountered this issue with Aperture?

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Jan Boddez Jan Boddez said: I have come across quite a few quirks, which I try to address in my β€œfork.” (I’d happily create a test account for you over at https://fstop.cloud. That said, Micropub support is still in its infancy. Microsub should [mostly] work, though, so you could [hopefully] still use it with your client of ch… β€” 04 Dec 2021 11:57