Jan-Lukas Else 18 Mar 2022 22:43

I wish the BahnCard 100 in Germany would be cheaper… But congratulations and have fun with climate-friendly travel! 🙂

In the Netherlands, something equivalent would be 362.40 * 12 = 4348.8 EUR per year and only includes train… And the country is much smaller than Germany. To include metro, bus and trams thorough the country, just throw some 2022.00 EUR more.

  • NS Flex Altijd Vrij: 362.40 * 12 = 4348.80 EUR
  • NET Subscription (Metro, Bus & Tram): 2022.00 EUR

Total p/ year: 6370.8 EUR

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Jan-Lukas Else Jan-Lukas Else said: So expensive! 😳 But the BahnCard 100 (2nd class costs 4144€ per year) also doesn’t include every bus/tram, just in selected transport networks. And I don’t know how to think about the price in relation to the country size (same with Austria). Sure, you can travel much larger distances, but there are…19 Mar 2022 10:10