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Recently in March '22


This is going to be a relatively short post, even though many things happened last month. The first three months of 2022 are completed and there’s now only 9 to go. That’s quite scary. Time flies!

During March, I went to more in-person events than I did in February. I went to an AI Code Session from FruitPunch given by a friend of mine. I also finally watched Spider-Men: No Way Home and I quite enjoyed it. Additionally, I had a few dinners with friends. One of my friends left for their home country and we had a goodbye dinner a few days ago, which was quite nice.

I also had the amazing opportunity to visit the Bloesempark in Amsterdam. You should see the pictures - previous link - and visit if you can. It is very very pretty.

Yesterday, I flew into Portugal and I’m here for a week to visit my parents. I had to change this flight twice due to other issues, such as Covid, but I’m finally here!

Have a nice April y’all!