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Crossed the English Channel by Train


Now that I’ve crossed the English Channel (or Canal da Mancha, in Portuguese) by train twice, I must say that it was a very nice experience. From Rotterdam to London, it takes approximately 3h30m, including a ~30 minutes stop in Brussels.

However, I also have some notes that may not apply to everyone: (1) it would be much quicker to get a flight directly from Eindhoven that takes 1h to get to London, (2) the security and border procedures at Rotterdam are quick, (3) the security and border procedures in London are a bit slower, (4) you need to be some time in advance at the station, just like the airport.

Nevertheless, it was a good experience and I would recommend it! It’s much more comfortable than a plane and better for the environment. Unfortunately, it’s also much more expensive! If you buy it in advance though, it can be worth it!