Recently in April '22

April is quickly coming to an end and… what a month it was! From Portugal to London, from thesis progress to assisting in classes, from movies to musicals, April was a packed month!

In the first week of April, I managed to visit my parents back in Portugal and it was quite nice to spend some nice with them. Even though I was planning on working on my thesis during that week, it wasn’t as much possible as I thought it would be. You’ve probably seen some pictures from those days, but here’s a dwarf goat for you:

Dwarf Goat

A few weeks later, Christiaan and I visited a friend of mine that currently lives in London. We went by train. It was very nice to see her again and meet all of her housemates! It was my fourth - I think - time in London and it was very nice to go back. For some reason, I don’t get tired of visiting London.

This time, we watched Mary Poppins on the theatre, went to the Portobello Road Market, and visited some other nice places here and there. I had completely forgotten how London is a gigantic melting pot and you can literally find anything from virtually any other nationality there. There’s so much Portuguese stuff. Even our “pastΓ©is de nata” are sold in supermarkets over there!

Besides, it was also a great time to finish the first roll of film of the new camera I’m using. Well, it’s not a new camera, it’s a “new” camera. This camera belonged to my parents but they thought it wasn’t working. It turns out that it is working perfectly.

Vintage-looking London Tube

Other nice things happened during the month, such as going to the cinema, visiting museums, and such. On a different note, my thesis has been progressing well!

I hope you had a great April and let’s move together onto May!

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