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Recently in May '22


May was a loooong month in the sense that a lot happened. It is crazy to think that we’re now starting the sixth month of 2022, which means that we’re nearing the first semester of this year. It feels like it just started.

With time, I’ve been logging more and more things in this website, from movies I watch, to places I’ve been and even concerts. Sometimes I feel like it isn’t worth it to write a “month in review” since everything is on my website already. However, here am I!


I watched both “Downton Abbey: A New Era” and “Everything Everywhere All At Once” in the cinema in May. Both were incredible in their own ways. I would recommend anyone that followed the Downton Abbey series to watch the movie. It gives a nice continuation, and ending, to the story we’ve all been looking for.

Regarding the second movie whose title is very large - “Everything Everywhere All At Once” -, I recommend it to everyone. This is a movie that surpassed my expectations and I cannot believe how little people were involved in the realisation of this movie compared to other big-name movies.


I’ve been in many places last month: Brussels, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Nijmegen, somewhere in Zeeland and I wouldn’t be surprised if I missed some place. I was fortunate to see Marina’s concert in Brussels and MØ’s in Amsterdam. I also had a Charli XCX concert planned for last weekend but, sadly, it was canceled.

Marina’s “Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land Tour” was the first actual concert I went to. I really enjoy Marina and, even though the venue wasn’t the best, she gave her best and it was absolutely amazing. I really hope to see Marina live one day again.

Regarding MØ, I didn’t know MØ that much before this concert, only for a few songs. But I must say that after attending the concert, I got addicted to some of her songs.

Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land Tour 2022 Poster


My thesis has been progressing quite well in my opinion which is making me really happy. I will, however, aim to defend it in September only as it would be quite tight to do it before everyone goes for holidays in August. There’s no rush either. I hope I can deliver a successful and meaningful presentation.

It was a really really good month. I hope you also had a great May and that June will bring happiness! Also, Happy Pride Month πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ