I was speaking to @seblog about categorisation of contents in our websites and some ideas came into mind:

  • Now I have sections for each post type and a special section for posts that should so up in home.
  • Sections are automatically added to the posts when they are created based on their post type.
  • Realistically, who will follow a feed based on the post type? And why?
  • @seblog suggests a more audience-based categorisation, such as “personal”, “tech”, etc. I’ve had that way back in the past and I really don’t remember if it was good or not. However, I understand the appeal.
  • @seblog said that types distiction are not that useful, it’s just easy to make.
  • We both already have tags. But tags feel too overly-specific.
  • Both tags and sections are… at the end of the day… taxonomies.
  • On my website I could technically achieve this with either tags or sections. Sections seem best as they are more general. Also, audience-based names would not collide with post types so they could still be at the root of the website, such as /personal or /articles.
  • Manually categorising a post every time we post can become arduous.
  • Is it worth it?

Let’s conclude with taxonomies are hard. What do you think?