Over the past few days, I procrastinated quite a bit instead of working on my thesis. I have this huge peaks of performance mixed with high procrastination. I guess this happens somewhat to most people. Either way, while procrastinating I added quite some new features to this website, and improved some already existing things, both visually and internally.

  • Fixed the values in <title> which were wrong in some pages. I also changed the website name to be more descriptive.
  • Fixed the truncation of text and the way I add the ellipsis when generating excerpts from longer posts to fit in the descriptions.
  • Added image resizing on my media endpoint using ImgProxy, which I run locally in my VPS and then upload the resized images to bunny.net.
  • Added Reddit integration in this website, both using Reddit’s API for upvotes (likes), comments (replies) and new posts. For the webmentions, I am using brid.gy.
  • Added support for channels so I can hand pick which sections to put my posts when using Micropub clients.
  • Added support for video posts, like this example.
  • Added support for audio posts. I don’t have an example yet as this is a feature that I think I would more likely use for personal use. However, I am still on the fence on how to protect the media files. Right now I support private posts, but that’s it: the post itself cannot be accessed, but what’s the best way to protect the media?

I also fixed some other things and make some slight visual updates to be more consistent.