Jan-Lukas Else 15 Jun 2022 08:29

Never heard of MicroPub channels, I have to check it out! Regarding video posts: Have you heard of Bunny.net Stream? There you can upload videos, they encode them to different resolutions and then you can use an HLS playlist. Also with custom domain. See this post as an example. To secure your mediaโ€ฆ

Have you heard of Bunny.net Stream?

I have but I didn’t have courage to check it out ๐Ÿ˜… I may look at it as it looks quite interesting and usable.

To secure your media files, you could use Token Authentication with Bunny.net

Yes, perhaps. I’ve seen that option but I also don’t want to have to sign all requests. That would require quite some changes. An option I can see is to have a separate Storage Zone with a separate subdomain to store private media and those would have to be signed.

Seems like a promising idea. It still creates the problem of: when uploading via the media endpoint, where should it go to? I can also just build my own backend uploader. Anyways, thinking out loud (out typed?).

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