My Website After IndieWeb

A few months ago, I released an article where I showed most versions of my website before I started integrating IndieWeb into it. I think it is nice to have an overview of how your website evolved with time. So today I present to you all the major changes to my website after IndieWeb.

When I released the other post back in March, I created this one and put it into my drafts. However, it clearly went to oblivion and months went by. Today I checked my drafts page and what I could finish. So, here it is: how my website evolved since I started integrating IndieWeb into it, in 2020!


In the beginning of 2020, I released version 11 of my website. It started incorporating the first feature of IndieWeb, namely the notes. It was a very clean, space-filled website. I still enjoy looking at this design.

v11 (2020) Home

v11 (2020) Blog
v11 (2020) Projects

v11 (2020) Notes

Not long after, I introduced version 12. I made a few changes inspired by other websites and version 10 of my website. I also incorporated a dark mode that would detect the user’s preferred colour scheme via CSS.

v12 (2020) Home

v12 (2020) About
v12 (2020) Articles

v12 (2020) Dark Home
v12 (2020) Dark About

After a few iterations, version 13 was released. It is quite similar to version 12 in what I wanted it to be. The changes are mostly style related. You can also note that this is when I decided to have a knowledge base - there’s a kb link on the header. After some time, I ended up removing this page as it did not work out for e.

v13 (2020) Home

v13 (2020) Dark Article
v13 (2020) Article

Onto version 15: I really don’t know what happened to version 14. Since I took this screenshots in March, perhaps I didn’t manage to run version 14 or it was too similar to 13 or 15 and I decided not t o post about it. Either way, here we can see a very similar design style compared to previous iterations, but more clean.

v15 (2020) Home

v15 (2020) Article
v15 (2020) Dark Home

Later in the year I decided to go back to the 90s and got immensely inspired on this website. My website’s pages looked like actual paper pages and I started playing with backgrounds and GIFs and emojis all around. Some of this things are still around!

v16 (2020) Article

v16 (2020) Articles
v16 (2020) Home


After so many deep changes thorough 2020, I reached a style for 2021 that I kept for the whole year. From time to time I would make slight changes and modifications, but this is what probably most of you remember.

v17 (2021) Home

v17 (2021) About
v17 (2021) Articles
v17 (2021) More
v17 (2021) Guestbook

At this time, I also decided to introduce a resume on my website such that I can share it easily. In addition, it is ready to print and it looks nice printed - don’t print it though.

v17 (2021) Resume

And we reached the end. The current iteration of this website it very similar to what you see on version 17, introduced during 2021. There are a few improvements here and there, some backgrounds removed, some corners are rounded. But the spirit is still the same! I hope you enjoyed this post to see how this website evolved over the years!

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