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Recently in July '22


July is ending for most of us in a few hours and August will start. This is when most people go for vacation and have their summer holidays. Let’s look at what I’ve been doing during July, which has been a very very busy month - I feel like I’ve been saying this every month.

  • Spent a day in Leiden, which revealed to be a much nicer city than I expected. The canals were pretty, the day was sunny, the botanical garden was amazing. However, it also felt like a very posh city.
  • Spent time with some friends, including a friend that visited us from her home country. We haven’t seen her in months, so that was quite nice. Went to a birthday party too, as well as some other social events.
  • Got a subscription for the Students Sport Centre of my university. I’m hoping to get more active.
  • In the line of the above, I went for a spinning class two weeks ago, which I’m hoping to follow up next Tuesday.
  • Tried playing squash. I think it’s fun, but I’m not sure if it’s for me. Most of the time I was worried about getting hit by the ball and breaking my glasses.
  • Badminton. It’s been years since I’ve played badminton but I always loved it. Played it with my boyfriend and also went for a mix and meet thing yesterday at the Sports Centre with ~20 people. It was nice. I will probably keep going and perhaps join some badminton club with actual training so I can learn how to play better. There’s even an emoji: 🏸.
  • Went for a Lady Gaga’s concert in Arnhem. It. Was. Amazing. I can’t really describe how good the spectacle and the vocals were.
  • Now there’s a food festival in Eindhoven and I went yesterday and probably today.
  • Still working on my thesis. Almost done. I think the final document is 99% finished. My supervisor reviewed it again this week and there’s no more feedback of things to change, or add. I think that now I just have to prepare the defense for September.
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Have a nice August!