Jan-Lukas Else 14 Aug 2022 20:18

I’ve realized that trying to strictly follow what is on the IndieWeb wiki won’t work well for me. Thus, I have to invent and change some things to make it work better. The IndieWeb Wiki is a good source of inspiration one could use, but I don’t see it as a guideline you need to closely follow. A lot…

Hey! Completely agreed. I think it should be a “reply”. I’m planning on removing the likes in long-term because they don’t add anything interesting. I would say that bookmarks are… bookmarks - posts or websites you find interesting and you might want to look at them in the future. I think those are useful. Likes and reposts feel a bit more… useless let’s say.

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Andrés Cárdenas Andrés Cárdenas said: I think there’s value in Likes. For me they’re just a way to let the author know I enjoyed their post. In my case they’re not mean to be public so I keep them unlisted. Inspired by your Listens I added a similar section on my website, but it gets one post per month or whenever I mark a song as “Love…15 Aug 2022 08:59