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I think there’s value in Likes. For me they’re just a way to let the author know I enjoyed their post. In my case they’re not mean to be public so I keep them unlisted. Inspired by your Listens I added a similar section on my website, but it gets one post per month or whenever I mark a song as “Love…

Uh, I like the idea of keeping the likes unlisted. Perhaps that’s a great idea. Regarding the listens and watches: I like to collect all the information, and since I have it, why not display it? Besides, the way I’m collecting the listens and watches information right now makes it a bit difficult to work with, so I’m not yet 100% sure how I’m gonna change it.

For the reads, I already updated the pages and what I did is to just have a page per book, and that same page shows all the updates regarding that book. No more posts for started reading, want to read, or just finished reading. I can leverage the post updated date to sort the posts in the reads section.

I could do something similar for the watches page where I would have a post per series and a post per movie. I think that could work nicely. However, the organization for the listens would be harder: is it per artist? per song? per album? I will probably leave these changes for the end, while I deal with the remaining. Do you have any ideas?

Btw, it seems I did not receive a Webmention for the deleted post at I will remove it manually, but if you send a webmention for a deleted post, my website will automatically remove it.

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Andrés Cárdenas Andrés Cárdenas said: One of the reasons I didn’t add a Listens section earlier was Jekyll was taking too much to generate all the pages in my website, adding the scrobbles would’ve made it unbearable. So what I started doing was manually filtering through the listens and highliting the best albums, if they’re worth list…16 Aug 2022 09:39