Jan-Lukas Else 21 Aug 2022 19:18

What makes you think Gitea β€œis a primarily multi-user platform”? πŸ€” Sure, Gitea can be multi-user, but works (IMO) perfectly fine as single-user as well. Probably even better as single-user as long as federation isn’t finished yet.

I don’t want user URLs, I don’t want organizations. I want something like git.hacdias.com/repo_name. There are workarounds, such as URL rewriting, or using an organization with a short name, to shorten the URLs. However, they are not real solutions. And having a single user mode is something Gitea will not support. But, never say never. I may consider using it later. For now, git.hacdias.com just redirects to my GitHub 🫒

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Jan-Lukas Else Jan-Lukas Else said: Thanks, now I understand what you mean by single-user. 😊 What about writing your own git service? 🀣 β€” 21 Aug 2022 19:26