Henrique Dias 28 Aug 2022 08:52

I’ve been visiting my parents for the past few days - and it has been very nice - but I always forget how slow their Internet is. I just run a Speedtest and got 16.28 Mbps down and… guess… 0.76 Mbps up. Also, we only got 16.28 Mbps down because it’s 7am and no one else in the neighborhood is using t…

Just repeated it during the day and got some marvelous 6.86 Mbps down and 0.56 Mbps up ⚡️ It’s definitely light speed. The worst part is that the Internet provider has had fiber in the town for years now. But first it was just for companies and now it’s just in some streets. We’re talking about a very small town (less than 500 people), adding cables wouldn’t be that much work.

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