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Recently in August '22


August is ending and with it, most people’s summer vacations. It’s time for school, university and work again. However, I did not have that much of a vacation yet.

  • In the beginning of the month I had a nice trip to Amsterdam to see Bianca del Rio. Very fun. However, I must say that Bianca’s comedy might not be for everyone and might hurt feelings. I am extremely happy I was able to witness this amazing comedy performance. It was a journey. I will never forget.
  • Ended up traveling through Zaandam and the Zaanse Schans the day after. I might publish some pictures, as it was quite a beautiful place.
  • Worked quite a lot on my thesis defense slides, which are almost coming to an end. I still have to finish a few slides and rehearse to see if I should remove anything. I think it’s a bit too long, so I might have to do it.
  • Spent a week in Portugal visiting my parents and some other family members. It was nice to matar saudades. I just hope they will visit soon, as they have never visited me here. Hopefully for the graduation ceremony.
  • Worked quite a lot on my blog and on its engine. Most visible changes are visual, more specifically the header I brought back which allows for some flexibility and better search.

Happy September!