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Recently in September '22


September is finally gone and with it, my vacations. Now it’s time to start another chapter of life and work full-time for the first time in my life. Here’s some of the nice things that happened last month.

  • Had a dinner with a group of friends. These international dinners where everyone brings some food are always very interesting and extremely nice, as you eat a bit of each country.
  • Defended my thesis, concluding my master’s degree. After 5 years of higher education, it is done. I am not planning on studying more for now, or even ever. However, never stop being a student and learning.
  • Traveled to Italy for 10 days with Christiaan. We had the opportunity to see a bit from each part of the country, from the south to the north. Italy is a really beautiful country, but the contrast between south and north is much higher than I would ever expect it to be.
  • Visited Tilburg and some museums with some friends. It was a very nice day and we also had some very nice coffee.
  • Bought a TV for the first time. Very very nice.

Now I wish you a Happy October!