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Dabbling With the Idea of a Second Brain


I have been recently dabbling with the idea of a second brain, or just note taking in general. I feel like I’ve been through this many times in the past years. I don’t take that many notes, or at least, I don’t take that many notes that I would want to make public. Most things I note down are private things that I do not want to make public. I considered using the private posts on my website, but I don’t think I would trust them enough.

So, I decided: private notes are not going to be on my website. Anything else that is more factual, or that I don’t mind sharing, will be. I have some more factual notes that I may be importing soon to this website. However, be warned: everything is subject to errors.

Now, I just need to decide which app to use. I have a lot of notes in Apple Notes, and some older journal entries in an Obsidian. Apple Notes works. It works well and it’s always in my devices. It supports audios, images, scans, drawings, everything that I want. That is something that differentiates my personal notes from posts: there’s a lot of different medias in there.

The problem with Apple Notes is that there is no good way of backing it up, which I do not like. Obsidian, on the other hand, is an hassle to keep synchronised and/or use in mobile devices. Suggestions are welcome. I won’t personally be taking a lot of time figuring this out, but I’ll try a few apps and see what I end up with.