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Thread By @giovannigruni On New Italian Government (

New Italian Government not even started yet and shit is hitting the fan already. A surreal thread. 🧵

Today Berlusconi claimed he had an exchange of “sweet” letters with V Putin. They also exchanged gifts in the form of vodka and wine. Putin apparently claimed Berlusconi is one of his 5 best friends. Berlusconi’s party is expressing the new Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs.

In the meanwhile a photo of Mussolini appeared on the wall of a room in one of the government buildings. It was then removed “to avoid instrumental criticism”. The l new President of the Senate however claimed that this was “cancel culture”.

About that. The new President of the Senate has a number of fascist, let’s say, souvenirs in his home. These include a small statue of the Duce he proudly showed in a video available online.

The new President of the lower house has an history of discriminatory claims against minorities and took explicit positions against sanctioning Russia. At the same time Meloni is attacking people (like me I guess) who discredit Italian abroad criticising the country.

A number of intellectuals which you would normally consider on the left wrote a petition in favour of giving parts of Ukraine to Russia to end the war. The Pope is taking the same position. A number of manifestations are being organised by various parties with similar positions.