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Recently in October '22


October is probably one of my favorite months of the year. Not only because of the vibes falling onto us 🍁 - no pun intented -, or my birthday, but it is also usually packed with events happening here and there. But before we continue, I wish you a great All Hallows’ Eve πŸŽƒ!

The month started with two of my friends defending their thesis. It is satisfying to see that your friends, that started the journey at the same time as you, are also completing their studies and we’re all moving into the next phase of our lives. It’s quite a change.

In the middle of the month, I was also able to visit the Dutch Design Week, which is slightly longer than a week and takes place in Eindhoven. The DDW is quite an interesting event that I would virtually recommend to anyone. It’s not design as in fashion, but something different. There’s conceptual, contextual, technological, among other types of design.

Ginscal, a Gin Bar
Ginscal, a Gin Bar

In addition, it was also my first month ever working full-time. Even though I’ve worked for the company for quite some years, I’ve always worked part-time so it’s quite a change. Besides, I’m now working on more interesting projects than I have before. I’m diving into the technical side of IPFS, and making the bridge between HTTP and IPFS better.

It was also my birthday this month so I can say I’ve officially completed 23 springs, winters, summers and autumns. Time flies quite fast. I invited some friends over to the Trafalgar Pub in Eindhoven where we had some nice food and drinks. Also, I got all kinds of gifts - from a Dutch book to a grill-raclette machine πŸ˜…

By the end of the month, I also traveled to Lisbon for a company event. Sadly, I tested positive for Covid-19 the day after I arrived - most likely I brought it with me. Therefore, I wasn’t able to attend the event I was looking forward the most, IPFS Camp. On a more positive note, I was still able to meet most people from my team, which was very very nice.

Finally, I’ve worked on a few things on this website, but nothing big. One of the things is the little emoji next to my name in the header. Depending on the date, you’ll get a different emoji. For now there’s a πŸŽƒ, but that will change according to the date.

See you soon!