Jan-Lukas Else β€’ 20 Nov 2022

@hacdias To be able to follow Fediverse accounts without implementing a complete ActivityPub server by myself. And previously I didn't have the option to create unlisted posts.

@jle@fosstodon.org I think that is quite a valid reason indeed - there are so many things to think about when implementing ActivityPub, especially incoming things. That is also why I am using the Fosstodon account: to follow people and explore a bit. Later, I would love to support following people from my own website, but I am concerned at both security and speed/resource consumption. Maybe I should implement a queue for both incoming and outgoing things (looking at your implementation 😜) and an extremely simple feed HTTP route that simply consumes the last n activities received and converts them into feed format. Then I can use Miniflux. A thought for later.

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