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Recently in November '22


November has been a pretty intensive month in many different regards: from my parents visiting The Netherlands for the first time, to my partner and I moving in together to a new apartment. Besides, we’re getting closer and closer to the end of the year, which means there are some cosy events I am looking forward to πŸŽ„πŸ·.

We got the keys πŸ—οΈ for the new apartment on the 8th of November. So far, so good. We’ve painted over the first weekend and then a bit more during the week. Then, we got the floor done and finally moved in. Since then, we’ve been building furniture, cleaning up and organizing everything. It’s been pretty intensive and tiring, but extremely rewardful. I do not have pictures to share yet, but I will soon when everything looks more put together.

A few days later, I went to Amsterdam to see Tove Lo live, which was quite amazing. Just like what happened when I went to see MØ, I didn’t know that many songs from Tove Lo. However, I am now addicted to them. She has some very nice songs that I would recommend if you like the genre.

Dirt Femme Tour
Dirt Femme Tour

Not long after, I went back to Amsterdam, but this time to see the live performance of Trixie & Katya. It was eye-conic. Lots of fun, quite unexpected and incomprehensible. A bit more scripted than I wish. Nevertheless, it was very very good. Both the concert and the show were very nice and I’m very grateful for going to both.

Around the same time we got the keys, the GLOW Festival happened in Eindhoven. The GLOW Festival is a light festival that usually happens every year in November in Eindhoven. They brought back the walking route, since there are no more Covid-19 restrictions this year. It was quite nice. Sebastiaan joined for a walk with Chris and I and we got some nice oliebollen, as well as glühwein 🍷.

GLOW Festival Butterflies

Then, my parents visited me in The Netherlands for the first time. It was actually their first time flying internationally, and only second time flying. It was quite nice of them to come and I hope that now the “ice” is broken, that they will come more often.

While my parents were here, I had my graduation πŸŽ“ ceremony, where I dressed some slightly more fancy clothes to receive my diploma. During the graduation, my supervisor also made a little speech that left me… speechless - pun intended. I also had the opportunity to engrave my name in glass, which I never expected to do in my life. It was quite an experience πŸ₯½.

Parents at GLOW Festival
Parents at Path Behind The Church
Parents at Stadswandelpark
Parents at Amsterdam Centraal
Parents at Amsterdam Canals
Parents at Piazza Bridge

While my parents were here, we traveled a bit through Eindhoven to show them some nice corners. We also went to Amsterdam, which they enjoyed quite a lot. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to bring them to more places. I have been suffering from an Achillis Tendinitis since the end of September and it was getting better. Sadly it got worse during November. I think I didn’t give it enough rest this month. There’s been so many things happening and it’s very hard to not walk a lot. I am visiting the physiotherapist next week, let’s see what they say. I really hope this resolves soon!

Looking forward for December!