Wouter Groeneveld28 Dec 2022

I packed my bags and moved from my Pleroma instance chat.brainbaking.com/@wouter to the Mastodon instance dosgame.club/@jefklak. If you’re on the Fediverse and haven’t followed me there, please do, as the move protocol that automatically transfers your followers is not properly implemented in Plerom…

Why did I ditch my own instance-of-one server? The primary reason is the lack of a true community feeling. The Fediverse is intended as a distributed and connected set of small communities where you can feel at home, not as a server-per-person system, even though it’s still perfectly possible to follow and engage with anyone on other servers. Only then the local timeline will be quite empty. Another reason is the dreadful server maintenance problem and Pleroma’s opinionated take on some features that, compared to the mainstream software Mastodon, sometimes caused little irritations.

Well said! These are some of the reasons why I am considering ditching my own website’s ActivityPub support, and simply POSSE to a Mastodon account. It feels very empty, and I also don’t think that following ActivityPub accounts via RSS is the best idea due to the volume, yet low content, of posts.

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