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Year in Music '22

year-in-music spotify-wrapped

Listening to Music 2022 marked the year that I went to my first actual concert. By actual concert I mean a concert that I paid for for an artist I wanted to see, in an actual concert hall. And, of course, I listened to a lot o songs thorough the year. This is the recap of 2022 in Music. Let’s see what I’ve been listening to this year.

I want to preface this article by mentioning that I mostly use Spotify to listen to music and to track (almost) all of my scrobbles. is connected to both Spotify and my browser, such that it also detects any other music I may play through my web browser. I am also the owner of some vinyls, but I don’t go through the trouble of adding those scrobbles. has a very nice API that allows me to download all of my history very easily. Even though I use their API to fetch the most data I can about my listening habits, also provides a set of statistics on their website. Those statistics are what I am mostly sharing now, since they already provide a very good aggregation of data that I would have to fetch from multiple APIs and then aggregate myself.

🎤 Artists

Years & Years
Tove Lo
Lady Gaga
Allie X
Rina Sawayama
Troye Sivan
Charli XCX

Regarding artists, we see Years & Years, Marina and Lorde at the top, which does not surprise me. Except for maybe Lorde, most of these artists are somewhat pop-ish style. It’s also quite interesting to see that all the artists I saw live this year are in my top 10, even for artists that I did not know that much, such as MØ.

Top 50 Artists
Years & Years1269 scrobbles
Marina1126 scrobbles
Lorde945 scrobbles
Tove Lo587 scrobbles
Lady Gaga584 scrobbles
Allie X482 scrobbles
364 scrobbles
Rina Sawayama339 scrobbles
Troye Sivan285 scrobbles
Charli XCX253 scrobbles
Froukje231 scrobbles
Florence + the Machine227 scrobbles
Colours In The Dark225 scrobbles
Aurora199 scrobbles
Gerardo Millán199 scrobbles
Alma187 scrobbles
Todrick Hall159 scrobbles
Kim Petras158 scrobbles
Dimension 32157 scrobbles
RuPaul155 scrobbles
Laurel150 scrobbles
Jisatsu146 scrobbles
Laffey135 scrobbles
Kylie Minogue134 scrobbles
BANKS129 scrobbles
Beyoncé128 scrobbles
Ethel Cain126 scrobbles
Foxes121 scrobbles
Elio116 scrobbles
Doce114 scrobbles
kainbeats114 scrobbles
Alaska Thunderfuck112 scrobbles
Bárbara Tinoco111 scrobbles
No Spirit111 scrobbles
Alexandre Desplat109 scrobbles
fnonose109 scrobbles
Lenny Loops109 scrobbles
Adele107 scrobbles
Maroon 5107 scrobbles
Pieter De Graaf107 scrobbles
L’Impératrice103 scrobbles
Regard97 scrobbles
Corey J. Beats95 scrobbles
Socrab93 scrobbles
Zara Larsson93 scrobbles
Madonna91 scrobbles
Sky Ferreira91 scrobbles
GRACEY90 scrobbles
Robin Schulz90 scrobbles
Miley Cyrus87 scrobbles

💿 Albums

Night Call (Deluxe)
Solar Power
Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land
Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land (Deluxe Edition)
Born This Way (International Special Edition Version)
Dirt Femme
Cozy Dreams
Electra Heart (Platinum Blonde Edition)

Unsurprisingly, my top albums of the year are from the top artists I’ve listed to to. It’s quite funny to see that two versions of the same album (Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land) got to the Tpp 10. If I were to count it as one, it would likely go up to second place.

Top 50 Albums
Night Call (Deluxe)Years & Years767 scrobbles
Solar PowerLorde369 scrobbles
MelodramaLorde303 scrobbles
Ancient Dreams in a Modern LandMarina293 scrobbles
Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land (Deluxe Edition)Marina265 scrobbles
Born This Way (International Special Edition Version)Lady Gaga261 scrobbles
Dirt FemmeTove Lo253 scrobbles
CRASHCharli XCX193 scrobbles
Cozy DreamsSleep Tales178 scrobbles
Electra Heart (Platinum Blonde Edition)Marina164 scrobbles
Hold the GirlRina Sawayama161 scrobbles
Pure HeroineLorde146 scrobbles
Electra Heart (Deluxe)Marina144 scrobbles
FEMULINETodrick Hall141 scrobbles
ChromaticaLady Gaga129 scrobbles
Dance Fever (Deluxe)Florence + the Machine128 scrobbles
Cape GodAllie X126 scrobbles
Silent Emotions Pt.2Dimension 32122 scrobbles
Solar Power (Deluxe Edition)Lorde114 scrobbles
Rainy CityJisatsu112 scrobbles
Palo Santo (Deluxe)Years & Years112 scrobbles
Motordrome108 scrobbles
CollXtion IIAllie X103 scrobbles
Night Call (New Year’s Edition)Years & Years103 scrobbles
Tako TsuboL’Impératrice100 scrobbles
FROOTMarina98 scrobbles
EquinoxPieter De Graaf97 scrobbles
Still dreamingGerardo Millán96 scrobbles
CoconutsKim Petras96 scrobbles
Cape God (Deluxe)Allie X94 scrobbles
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Pt. 1Alexandre Desplat93 scrobbles
The Moon and the MindLaffey93 scrobbles
InbredEthel Cain91 scrobbles
LargeSocrab91 scrobbles
É DemaisDoce89 scrobbles
IIIIRobin Schulz88 scrobbles
TRXYETroye Sivan86 scrobbles
30Adele85 scrobbles
Poster GirlZara Larsson85 scrobbles
On a RollAshley O83 scrobbles
Broken HeartbeatsVarious Artists83 scrobbles
ÓcioColours In The Dark82 scrobbles
Childhood MemoriesCorey J. Beats81 scrobbles
Death Of UsElsie Bay81 scrobbles
HallucinationRegard80 scrobbles
Catch Me In The AIrRina Sawayama79 scrobbles
Dangerous WomanAriana Grande78 scrobbles
The Devil Is HumanAurora78 scrobbles
Soul Searchingfnonose78 scrobbles
American BoyYears & Years78 scrobbles

🎵 Songs

Not as interesting as the albums and artists, but, for the record, I am also keeping here the top 50 songs of the year. Nevertheless, it is curious to see that the songs I’ve listened to the most are not necessarily by the same order as the albums I have listened to the most. I guess it means that some songs really got stuck in my head thorough the year.

Top 50 Songs
SupercutLorde108 scrobbles
CraveYears & Years107 scrobbles
MuscleYears & Years101 scrobbles
CoconutsKim Petras96 scrobbles
This HellRina Sawayama93 scrobbles
CrushEthel Cain91 scrobbles
Electra HeartMarina90 scrobbles
Happy LonerMarina88 scrobbles
ConsequencesYears & Years88 scrobbles
All This Love (feat. Harlœ)Robin Schulz87 scrobbles
Mood RingLorde85 scrobbles
HallucinationRegard85 scrobbles
HypnotisedYears & Years85 scrobbles
Helen of Troy - Bonus TrackLorde83 scrobbles
Pandora’s BoxMarina83 scrobbles
Pink ConvertibleMarina82 scrobbles
Used to Know MeCharli XCX81 scrobbles
Death Of UsElsie Bay81 scrobbles
ImmaculateYears & Years81 scrobbles
LiabilityLorde80 scrobbles
See You AgainYears & Years80 scrobbles
Sooner or LaterYears & Years80 scrobbles
Poster GirlZara Larsson80 scrobbles
Solar PowerLorde79 scrobbles
GoodbyeMarina79 scrobbles
LiesMarina79 scrobbles
The Devil Is HumanAurora78 scrobbles
Constant RepeatCharli XCX78 scrobbles
2 Die 4Tove Lo78 scrobbles
American BoyYears & Years78 scrobbles
Into YouAriana Grande77 scrobbles
De DiepteS1076 scrobbles
20 MinutesYears & Years76 scrobbles
Sweet TalkerYears & Years76 scrobbles
Don’t ForgetSky Ferreira75 scrobbles
RAININ’ FELLASTodrick Hall75 scrobbles
MilkAllie X74 scrobbles
Devil SideFoxes73 scrobbles
2080-luvullaSanni72 scrobbles
I’m to BlameTove Lo72 scrobbles
Summer Really Hurt UsAlma71 scrobbles
É DemaisDoce71 scrobbles
Secrets from a Girl (Who’s Seen It All)Lorde71 scrobbles
SorryMadonna71 scrobbles
FlowersMarina71 scrobbles
A Second to MidnightKylie Minogue70 scrobbles
The PathLorde70 scrobbles
Right Where I BelongAshley O69 scrobbles
chamada não atendidaBárbara Tinoco69 scrobbles
PuppetFaouzia69 scrobbles

🎫 Concerts

Not only did I go to my first real concert in 2022, but also went to perhaps way too many. I saw Marina, Lorde, MØ, Tove Lo and Lady Gaga. They were all incredible in their own way and I am grateful I was able to attend all of them. Living in The Netherlands, it is very easy to go to a concert because almost all artists end up coming here. It’s a massive difference when compared to Portugal, where only the top of the top may go to Portugal if they’re doing a very very large tour.

🎁 Spotify Wrapped

I always distrust Spotify Wrapped a bit. For one, it is published at the beginning of December. Yes, it definitely is a good way to have an overview about what I listened to during the year. However, it doesn’t include the last month of the year, which can change the statistics. Nevertheless, I am including it here so that I can have a comparison between my own data and Spotify’s Wrapped.

We can see, unsurprisingly, that not everything in Spotify Wrapped matched the actual tops of the year, since it is missing the month of December. However, it is not that far away. Supercut, by Lorde, was the top 1 song of 2022, by 1 single scrobble! The remaining statistics, however, match what I saw through

Finally, some quick statistics: in 2022, I scrobbled 23 823 times, with an average of 65 scrobbles per day. In total, I listened to 54 days, 7 hours of music. My most popular genres, from the most popular to the least popular, are pop, electronic, lo-fi, electropop and indie.

Let’s see how the new year goes in terms of music listening!