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Recently in September '23

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September passed by quite quickly and with that two thirds of 2023 are now finished. As we now enter the final 🏁 quarter of this year, let’s recap what has happened on my life over the past month. As usual, I feel like a lot has happened, especially when looking at it in retrospective.

πŸ„ Life

In the beginning of September, my parents came visit alongside with my cousin. Let’s say that it was an experience. My parents have been here, albeit not on my new place to which I moved last November. In contrast, this was my cousin’s first flight and likely first trains too.

We visited a few places, some more touristy than others. They arrived on a Tuesday, and on Wednesday we went to Delft, where we visited The Royal Blauw museum. My mom loves ceramics and those kind of things. Then, we had lunch and went to Rotterdam in the afternoon. We finished the day by setting sail in the Pannenkoekenboot, where you can eat unlimited pancakes during the 75 minute boat trip.

Thursday we decided to rest a bit. We stayed in Eindhoven, and it was in general a nice day. Then Friday, we started by going to the Zaanse Schans in order to see some old windmills, and finished in Amsterdam as it is in the route back to Eindhoven.

De Zaanse Schans
De Zaanse Schans

Saturday and Sunday were slower days, which does not necessarily mean we walked less. In both days, we stayed in Eindhoven. The highlight of Saturday was the Woenselse Markt, where my parents tried some local food. On Saturday, we had a fully vegan πŸƒ High Tea at Tea Stories. It was very nice.

On that same Sunday, Chris and I bought a birthday calendar! For those who don’t know, a birthday calendar is a calendar just for… birthdays. From what I’ve talked to other people, this does not seem to be very common in other countries, but all Dutch households have one. And it’s placed on the… toilet door! Very classy.

πŸ’ͺ Health

I’ve been going to the gym twice a week consistently. I don’t recall to which point I shared this here, but I started going to the gym right before the summer started. At the time I was going once a week, but now I’m going twice a week. I definitely feel stronger and better.

Walking Through The Forest
Walking Through The Forest

Finally, Chris and I went to Spa, in Belgium. Spa is known for its water brand… Spa water. The town is also located in the Ardennes region, so it’s surrounded by beautiful nature. On Saturday, we did a 10 km hike with some elevation, and I am pleased to say that I had no Achilles complaints from it.

🍿 Entertainment

In the movie department, I watched Downsizing. It was nice, but I feel like they could’ve gone so much further, or in depth, with the story line. So many questions unanswered, so many seemingly unnecessary things. I would be up for a second movie though.

In the series department, we finished season 3 of Ragnarok, a Norwegian series that follows some of the events of the Gods and Giants in the modern society. I really enjoy this series, and as I’ve said before, there are quite a few series made in Europe that I’ve quite enjoyed. It’s refreshing to not watch something in English.

I’ve also finished watching the fourth and last season of Sex Education. Despite being set in quite an odd, and I would say irrealistic school, I think it gave the series a good ending.

Now, October has started. See you next month!