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Recently in November '23


November is almost gone. It was quite of a slow month, so I had more time to spend working on this website, or in watching series - maybe too many. Let’s dive into it.

✍️ Website

During November, I made quite some updates to this website, even though they may not be easy to see at first sight. One of the most clear changes, for me, was updating the headers and footers. The headers now use slightly different font sizes, and the footers include more information, such as syndications and reply methods.

In the blogroll, I added a new button that downloads the full blogroll in the OPML format, which can be nice if you - or even I - want to import the feeds to some other software. In general, the website experience should be slightly more streamlined.

In the backend, I re-enabled Webmentions, which I had disabled at some point in the past. I’m not displaying them, but I support receiving and sending them. I ignore webmentions to myself too. In addition, I also decoupled my admin interface from the website itself, which increased the speed of some things.

Finally, I also added Micropub support again, using my indielib Go library. I don’t use it much, but I think it can be useful. This post, for example, has been published through it. I’m also considering using it for my bookmarks, instead of maintaining a Linkding instance. It also already has Web Archive support, so why not?

πŸ„ Life

This month hasn’t been as eventful as others have been. Not much has happened that deserves a mention here. In the beginning of the month, a friend came visit, and that was very nice. I’ve also kept attending my Dutch classes, which are going well. The teacher recommended me to follow the next level course from January, so that’s a good sign.

Among some other events, seeing some friends, and house warmings, I also witnessed this years’ GLOW festival. It was a bit different than last years’, but not necessarily much better. I think that now that there’s a walking route again, it is easy to follow. Unfortunately I did not think that most of the exhibitions where that good.

🍿 Entertainment

Compared to last month, there’s more updates here. Maybe the cozyness of Autumn has allowed me to watch more series and movies. But first, quick update: I am still reading the first book of Harry Potter in Dutch. Maybe I’ve watched too many movies and series.

In the movies category, I went to the cinema to watch the new Hunger Games movie. I did really enjoy it. The only annoying thing for me was the lack of an intermission at the cinema. Including ads, it must have been around 3 hours.

In the series category there is more than I want to admit! We finished season 7 of Big Mouth, season 2 of Loki, season 7 of Elite and season 1 of Everything Now. Loki was very nice. I want to give a shout out to Bodies, whose first season I also completed. It mixes science-fiction, mystery and intertwined time periods.

That was all. Probably one of my first recently posts without pictures in some time. But I did not really take that many this month, and the ones I took are not post worthy. Maybe I’ll have some next month from a Christmas market! Happy December!